Shropshire’s award winning and highly sought after makeup artist. Zoe is no ordinary makeup artist, trained by top makeup artists James Malloy, Danessa Myricks and the industries top brand Kryolan as well as being IMA qualified. Zoe specialises in exceptional bridal and special occasion makeup, Zoe provides on-location high end makeup services. Committed to offering the absolute best services in her market, she has an extensive knowledge and boundless skillsinf her field which is what makes her the makeup artist everyone wants.

Zoe offers a level of expertise and client care at the highest standard. To date she has made up numerous clients for both weddings and special occasions, resulting in an excellent reputation. Staying a constant professional with a friendly manner. You’ll be won over not only by Zoes incredible skill but bubbly and charming personality.

If you've got a big event coming up and you're looking for a professional makeup artist in Telford, Bridgnorth, and other areas in Shropshire Zoe will make you a perfectly polished version of yourself. Starting with the absolutely flawless base and discussing all of your wants and needs. Whether this be for your big day, a work event, photo shoot or a great night out.

Zoe is a freelance makeup artist covering Telford, Newport, Bridgnorth and Shrewsbury however due to high demand and increasing popularity of your makeup skills she now travels around the UK. Zoe only offers the ultimate luxury service in bridal makeup, these appointments are limited so that Zoe can provide the highest quality care and attention to all of her brides and clients, giving an altogether more intimate and tailored experience.

Zoe takes the utmost pride in her makeup kit ensuring all products are high quality brands that are ensured to give you the most beautiful look which will stay on all day. For Zoe there is absolutely nothing better than making someone feel extra special through the application of make up. Zoe is here to make you feel and look more beautiful than your already beautiful self.


Lisa Eldridge is an English-New Zealand make-up artist, businesswoman, author, and YouTuber. Raised in New Zealand and Liverpool, England. She had her first big break when she was booked by Elle magazine to work with model Cindy Crawford. 

Lisa Eldridge is one of the very few makeup artists on YouTube whose opinion on products I really listen to, When it was announced she was bringing out her own lipstick range obviously I knew this would be something I jumped at the chance of getting my hands on. I know anything she produced would be well thought out, luxurious and outstanding.

These are called soft velvets for a reason THEY LOOK LIKE VELVET - INSANE!

For the soft velvet collection I paid £75 which included Velvet Fawn, velvet Beauty and Velvet Muse.

Also 100% cruelty free